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As of Veterans Day November 11, 2017, all honorably discharged U. S. Veterans will be able to shop the exchange online.  This new privilege will only extend to online shopping however, not shopping in the physical exchange. 


Through the website, veterans will be able to purchase any items except for uniforms, alcohol and tobacco products. 

The exchange estimates that this could bring in between $226 million and $1.13 billion in annual sales.  An increase in sales also means an increase in funds for the MWR programs (Morale Welfare and Recreation).

Veterans will enjoy saving on average 20 percent over commercial stores while those families with base access will be enjoying better MWR programs.  It’s a win-win situation for all.

This has been a two year effort to open online shopping up to honorably discharged veterans.  In the fall of 2016 the Defense Department’s Executive Resale Board voted unanimously to open online shopping to veterans and the Deputy Defense Secretary approved it.

Shopping will only be available to veterans online and only for the exchange.  There are currently no plans to open shopping at the commissary.

You can keep up with announcements as the date for launch of this program approaches and learn how you can establish your identity as an honorably discharged veteran through their website




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