The Plumas County Veterans Service Office

Our mission is to represent, refer, and assist veterans and their dependants in obtaining compensation, pension, education benefits, life insurance, medical treatment, home loans, California State Veterans benefits, burial benefits, discharge upgrades, and employment referrals. 

The Plumas County Veterans Service Office was established in May 1945 to serve the military veterans of Plumas County. Since the beginning, serving the needs of local veterans has been the focus of the department. With the support of local veterans, veterans organizations, and the Plumas County Board of Supervisors, this office has continually acted as the veterans advocate and has maintained a vital role in ensuring the receipt of veterans benefits. 

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Transportation Services 

Transportation Services to medical appointments at the Reno VA Medical Center are done on Tuesday and Thursdays.  

Transportation is provided free of charge but you are required to make a reservation for transportation to your appointment. 

 It is recommended that you reserve transportation at least 3 days prior to appointment by calling (530) 283-6271.  

Referrals to Community Services:
  • Health services

  • Plumas Crisis Intervention and Resource Center (PCIRC) 

  • Social Security 

  • Housing

  • Legal Assistance for Seniors

VA Medical Care

Every veteran with an honorable discharge is eligible for some type of VA healthcare benefits, depending on certain criteria, such as service-connected disability and income. The VA Medical Center in Reno and VA clinics in Redding, Chico and Susanville proudly serve the veterans of Plumas County. 

California Department of Veterans Affairs 
  • Fee waiver 

  • Home Loans

  • Veterans license plates 

  • Veterans Retirement Home Applications 


We provide claims assistance, client advocacy, case maintenance, information, and referrals to the following groups of people:

  • Veterans

  • Widows or widowers of veterans

  • Children of deceased or disabled veterans

  • Parents who lost a son or daughter in military service

Other Services
  • Compensation claims 

  • Death / burial benefits 

  • Education, Veterans 

  • Education, Dependents

  • Life insurance 

  • Medical care 

  • Military awards 

  • Military records 

  • Pension claims 

  • Survivor benefits