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Veterans Guest House


The Veterans Guest House provides United States Military service veterans and their families’ temporary overnight accommodations while they are receiving treatment at a medical facility in the Reno/Sparks area. This includes any hospital or medical facility in the area, long-term care facility, or dental facility. Examples of who we serve are:

  • Outpatients at any medical facility

  • Family members of veterans who are hospitalized

  • Immediate family members of veterans who are receiving medical care


Typically, our guests reside at least 35 miles away, are independent and able to care for themselves or have a caregiver present during the visit. Our guests must provide their own transportation and have a home to return to.

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Chief Executive Officer: Noreen Leary
House Manager: Kathi McGathey
Executive Assistant: Patrice Klaich
Fax: 775.324.6071

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